The State Commission for the Lithuanian Language is against the complete abandonment of the toponym Kaliningrad

The State Commission for the Lithuanian Language rejected the proposal of the parliamentarians to completely abandon the toponyms “Kaliningrad region” and “city of Kaliningrad”.

At the same time, according to the BNS agency, the commission approved an initiative to promote the use of traditional Lithuanian toponyms Karaliaucius krastas (Karalyauči region) and Karaliaučius miestas (city of Karaliaučius) not only in the historical, but also in the modern context in official use.

The commission stated:

“Most of the former toponyms of the Karalyauchi region are Lithuanian (there have been Lithuanian districts in this region since the 16th century, it was inhabited by Lithuanians). In historical sources, these traditional Lithuanian toponyms are written in German spelling with German endings – “Tilzhe – Tilsit”. But since 1946, all of them have been replaced by Russians – “Tilzhe – Sovetsk”. Of course, today it would be wrong to use Russian names that have no historical connection with East Prussia.

As previously reported EADaily , a wave of proposals to rename Kaliningrad swept through the countries of the Baltic Sea region. Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia did it in their own way.

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