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The star of “Everything is everywhere at once” will play in the crime drama from Netflix


Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh will star in the series The Brothers Sun, which will be produced by the streaming service Netflix. This was reported by Screen Rant on June 14.

The upcoming series will focus on a gangster named Charles Sun (Justin Chien), who, after the death of his father, heads to Los Angeles (USA) to protect his mother (Michelle Yeoh) and younger brother. One of the creators of the show will be Brad Falchuk (“American Horror Stories”), and the position of director will be Kevin Tancharoen (“The Book of Boba Fett”). The release date of the series is still unknown.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, the comedy “Everything is everywhere at once” became the highest grossing film of the company A24. The tape, in which the main role was played by Michelle Yeoh, managed to collect $ 81 million at the worldwide box office.

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