The standard US immunization schedule is three COVID-19 shots for babies six months and older

According to the CDC’s official immunization schedule, babies in the United States who are six months old or older get three COVID-19 shots as standard. Babies and children are hardly affected by COVID-19 diseases. In addition, vaccinations cannot prevent infection or transmission.

In the US, the COVID-19 vaccines are coming into the official standard immunization schedule for children, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) document. The top health authority in the United States is at the center of much controversy regarding vaccinations, reported Report24 on Sunday. According to the official vaccination plan, babies and toddlers in the USA received 29 injections. A further 40 vaccinations were carried out up to the age of 18.

According to CDC guidelines, the vaccination program for babies up to 15 months includes three COVID-19 vaccinations, which infants should receive from the age of six months. The children are not exposed to any risk of COVID-19 disease, wrote Report24. In addition, vaccinations could neither prevent someone from becoming ill nor from passing the infection on to others.

The lack of protection against infection and transmission is also evident from the approval report for Pfizer’s “Comirnaty” corona vaccine. The official EU approval document of February 19, 2021 states on page 97 under paragraph 2.5.4 “Conclusions on clinical efficacy”:

“The vaccine probably protects against severe COVID cases, although this was rare in the study and therefore no statistically relevant statements can be made. It is currently unknown whether the vaccine protects against asymptomatic infections or prevents transmission of the virus.”

According to the CDC’s official vaccination schedule, children are now vaccinated with it as standard.

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