The St. Petersburg Forum of Entrepreneurs ended in the Northern Capital

One of the most important events of the federal level in the field of business ended today. The St. Petersburg Forum of Entrepreneurs brought together more than 600 representatives of various business communities in Russia and the countries of the EAEU, SCO, BRICS. The program of events itself was divided into two blocks: professional and youth. Within the framework of the forum, entrepreneurs discussed the situation in the economy, its development trends, exchanged experience and modern practices.

The first day of the forum this year was devoted to special events. Participants addressed certain requests, which were assisted by professional experts. The entrepreneurs were also interested in establishing relationships with partners both in St. Petersburg and in other regions.

The second day of the forum was given to the professional block, in which representatives of the business sector discussed the prospects for economic development, government programs to support entrepreneurs, investment, digitalization and automation in enterprises.

“The main theme of this day was devoted to planning for small and medium-sized businesses under tight deadlines, in conditions of short planning horizons. Since we have recently changed quite often the conditions of life both in the economy and in the political sphere, this certainly affects how small and medium-sized businesses earn, survive and develop,” said the head of the organizing committee of the forum Pavel Lenets.

The final day was dedicated to young entrepreneurs. On May 27, seminars, master classes and pitch sessions were held. The experts reviewed and evaluated the projects of the participants, and also helped to sort out the mistakes of young entrepreneurs.

Summing up, the founder and head of the organizing committee of the St. Petersburg Forum of Entrepreneurs Pavel Lenets spoke about business development trends in the current realities.

According to him, now there are two ways of doing small and medium business. The first is related to the pandemic and the onset of SVO. These events affected the country’s economy and consumer demand, which forced entrepreneurs to switch to short-term planning.

“Literally for three to four months, product lines began to be developed that are relevant only here and now, because what we needed during the lockdown literally became completely irrelevant and ceased to be in demand in three to six months,” said Lenets. .

On the other hand, with the onset of sanctions pressure and restrictive processes, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses began to strategically plan for the long term. The fact that foreign companies that left the market no longer compete with Russian business also played a role. This means that by investing in new production and the development of new equipment, entrepreneurs know that in the coming years they will have a strong market for their own products.

“In fact, there are many positive effects from the fact that at some point there were restrictions on the import of high technology and sophisticated equipment. After all, now Russian entrepreneurs are thinking about and implementing plans for import substitution, which goes into long-term planning,” added Pavel Lenets.


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