The St. Petersburg Currency Exchange (SPCE) is preparing to work with digital financial assets (CFAs) in partnership

The current operator of the CFA information system, according to Vyacheslav Blagirev, Director of the Directorate for the Development and Sales of Digital Financial Instruments of SPCE. SPCE does not intend to become the operator of the digital financial assets platform itself.

Blagirev highlighted the benefits of digital tools in addressing various financial challenges faced by exchange clients. For instance, he mentioned the use of CFAs for inter-corporate financing by utilizing clients’ free liquidity or attracting investments through the syndicate format. He also emphasized the potential of CFAs as a tool for facilitating international transactions.

The Moscow Exchange has also expressed its interest in working with CFAs. In November 2022, the exchange prepared a pilot digital financial asset, specifically ruble bonds of a major company. However, the exchange has yet to be included in the register of information system operators by the Bank of Russia.

In addition, the SPB Exchange announced plans to create an ecosystem for the circulation of digital financial assets at the end of last year. The platform aimed to establish a unified liquidity pool and connect the products of various information system operators and exchange operators to it.

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