The speaker of the Duma in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug is threatened with resignation. insider

Visit of Acting Governor Vadim Shumkov to Shatrovsky district., empty chair resignation

Speaker of the Duma of Urai Alexander Velichko is threatened with resignation due to violations when filing income declarations in 2021. A URA.RU source in the political establishment of the city said that the Duma apparatus is trying to hush up a scandal over an undeclared land plot in the Lugovsky tract, which Velichko’s wife rents.

“The Uray deputies found a plot in the Lugovsky tract and complained about Velichko to the prosecutor’s office – the land was not indicated in the declaration for 2021. The prosecutor’s office conducted a check, the information was confirmed, and the thought of Urai received a black mark – a letter from the first vice-governor of Yugra, Alexei Shipilov. The message contains a link to a paragraph of the federal law on corruption, which mentions the resignation. Now they are trying to hush up the scandal in the apparatus, ”the insider shared.

Leonard Nasibullin, a member of the Urai Duma, said that he also received a notification signed by Shipilov. “It states that a check was carried out against Velichko on my application, and the violations were confirmed. The Patriots of Uray parliamentary association will insist on the resignation of the speaker and a secret ballot in the Duma on this issue in order to avoid pressure on the participants, ”Nasibullin specified.

Lyubov Chemogina, head of the apparatus of the Uray Duma, told URA.RU that she was on vacation, so she could not comment on the situation. A request was sent to the press service of the Uray City Hall, but at the time of publication, no response was received. Velichko did not answer the call of the agency correspondent.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that Artem Kukushkin, a member of the Uray Duma, wrote a denunciation of Velichko because of the distortion of information in the income statement. Later, the prosecutor’s office confirmed the existence of violations. The URA.RU insider was confirmed.

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