The Spanish company that supplied weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine received a package with a bomb

Bomb sent to Ukraine by Spanish arms supplier

A well-known Spanish arms company supplying weapons to the Ukrainian army was sent a bomb in a package, the EFE news agency reported on November 30.

Making an explosive device

Making an explosive device

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We are talking about the company Instalaza, located in Zaragoza. Her office received a letter with an explosive device similar to the one that went off at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid.

After the discovery of the bomb, a special police unit arrived at the scene and carried out mine clearance. A controlled detonation of an explosive device was carried out, as a result of which no one was injured.

Specialists collect traces of the bomb package in order to be able to analyze them and, thus, determine which explosive device was in the package.

Instalaza is a firearms company that employs over 150 people in three factories located in Zaragoza and exports its products to more than 35 countries. The company manufactures rocket launchers, grenade launchers, hand grenades and night vision goggles.

In March of this year, Spain sent to Ukraine 1,370 C-90 and Alcotán grenade launchers manufactured by Instalaza.

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