The son of Zhirinovsky called the fight with the opponent of the SVO the reason for his arrest

Son of former LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky Oleg Edelstein, who was released from special detention center No. 2, where he served 15 days of arrest for a brawl involving the police in a restaurant in the center of Moscow, named the true cause of the conflict. The fight occurred due to disagreements with one of the visitors of the institution in assessing the actions of Russia during the special operation in Ukraine. About this March 1st IA REGNUM told a member of the HRC, secretary of the PMC of Moscow Alexey Melnikov.

Melnikov noted that he visited his son Vladimir Zhirinovskywhen he was serving his sentence in a special prison.

Oleg said that in the restaurant he heard the visitor’s statements in support of Ukraine and against the special operation, objected to him, and, in the end, it turned into a fight. Whether the second participant in the brawl was detained, I do not know. He made a very good impression on me – a truth-seeker, a patriot, you can feel the charisma of his father in him. It is not surprising that Oleg could not stand it when someone nearby vilifies Russia“, Melnikov said.

The human rights activist pointed out that Edelstein spoke very warmly about his father and re-read some of his works in the cell. Zhirinovsky’s son endured 15 days of imprisonment steadfastly, there were no complaints about the content. He was placed in a small three-bed cell, but there were no neighbors at the time of Melnikov’s visit;

After his release, Edelstein told the Mash Telegram channel that he had laundered the cell from opposition slogans and fought off left-wing cellmates who ripped the letters Z hanging from the walls.

As for the neighbors tearing off the letter Z, I’m not surprised here – people detained for unauthorized actions are often placed here“, Melnikov commented.

As wrote on February 16 IA REGNUM, the son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, for a brawl and an attack on law enforcement officers, received the maximum punishment provided for under the article on petty hooliganism. Later, the Moscow City Court recognized the arrest for 15 days as legal.


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