The son of the Chelyabinsk ex-governor failed to fire his financial manager

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Bankruptcy of the family of ex-governor Dubrovsky

The Arbitration Court of the Chelyabinsk Region rejected the petition of the son of ex-governor Boris Dubrovsky, Alexander, who demanded the dismissal of his financial manager Pavel Steshentsev. Steshentsev reported this to URA.RU.

“The court found the debtor’s arguments for removing me from office unconvincing. Alexander Dubrovsky’s application was denied,” the financial manager told URA.RU.

Dubrovsky Jr. stated in his petition that Steshentsev did not notify the bank about the plan to restructure its debts, that is, according to the son of the ex-governor, he showed inaction. Steshintsev, in turn, noted that all necessary notifications had been submitted.

Dubrovsky Jr. became bankrupt at the end of 2022, having independently filed an application to declare himself financially insolvent. Part of his debt was formed as part of the bankruptcy of Montazhnik PA (Magnitogorsk), the main asset of the ex-governor’s family. The company Chelyabinskstroykomplekt (CHSK) of Alexander Dubrovsky was also declared bankrupt. Boris Dubrovsky himself was declared bankrupt on July 19, 2023 by the claim of the bankruptcy trustee of Montazhnik. Representatives of the Dubrovskys do not communicate with the media.


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