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The show must go on – EADaily, June 23, 2022 – Politics, Europe News


A team of prosecutors that fabricated a criminal case, without sufficient and convincing evidence, is trying to take the investigation into the public plane in order to impress citizens with distorted figures and details. This was stated today, June 23, by ex-president of Moldova Igor Dodon accused of corruption and treason.

The opposition leader noted that he became aware of the planned seizure of his property, as well as relatives, including assets that do not belong to him personally or are pledged to banks. The honorary chairman of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) called what is happening the next element of the performance staged by the authorities and the prosecutor’s office, emphasizing that “this show is doomed to failure.”

“The politically subordinated prosecutors realized that if the criminal case brought against me does not have legal success, then they need to engage in propaganda games and gestures. One of the elements of this propaganda performance is the arrest of a number of property objects, mine and my relatives (that is, they freeze all assets obtained legally) until the final court decision, and its adoption may be delayed for several years. The goal of the authorities and its prosecutors is obvious – to extend the series with the Dodon case, so that people have something to discuss and so that they forget about poverty and chaos in the country for a few days, ”the fifth president of the Republic of Moldova believes.

He added that the prosecution is thus trying to show that the “Dodon case” does not stand still, although in fact they are stuck and are in despair, because they initiated a case doomed to failure, which will become one of the most shameful pages in history Prosecutor General’s Office.

“The courts will demonstrate the defeat and abuse of prosecutors, and this will not go unpunished. In the meantime, those who stole a billion are at large, former colleagues of the government today occupy leadership positions, and arrests have been lifted from many assets of those who participated in the theft of a billion and in other high-profile cases. This is the true face of the “justice reform” of power Maia Sandu – the use of justice to destroy the opposition in a state that is no longer democratic, but turned into a dictatorship controlled by the West,” summed up Igor Dodon.

Recall the ex-president of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon was detained on May 24. He is accused of passive corruption, illegal enrichment, treason and financing of a political party by a criminal organization. After being placed in a pre-trial detention center, his preventive measure was replaced with house arrest. Dodon does not admit his guilt, stating that his case is under the political control of the current head of state Maia Sandu and her Western curators, who in this case pursue certain geopolitical goals. Spouse of Dodon Galina She was also officially recognized as an accused and an accomplice in the case of illicit enrichment, having been banned from leaving the country for a period of two months.

As reported EADaily , On June 21, the Chisinau court extended Dodon’s house arrest for another 30 days. While the meeting was going on, his supporters from the PSRM picketed the building, demanding the release of their leader.

Over the past few weeks, protests have been held in Moldova by the opposition, which accuses the president and government of the economic crisis and incompetence. The Socialists, their partners in the parliamentary opposition from the Communist Party and the Shor Party demand the resignation of President Maia Sandu, the Cabinet Natalia Gavrilitsy and early parliamentary elections.


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