The ship that blew up the Nord Streams is on the former military base of the GDR

FBA “Economy Today”

The sea vessel that was used to access the sabotage squad to the site of the Nord Stream explosion is located in Germany. It stands on one of the former military bases of the German Democratic Republic.

The ship “Andromeda” is moored on one of the former German bachs on the island of Rügen. Presumably, it was on it in September 2022 that the saboteurs sailed to the place where the gas pipeline was blown up. At the same time, the e-mail that was used to rent the yacht may indicate Ukraine’s involvement in the sabotage – writes RT with reference to Spiegel.

Earlier it was reported about the readiness of the Russian authorities to mothball the Nord Streams. At the moment there is no plan to repair them, so the breaks will be sealed and the pipes will be treated with anti-corrosion compound as a temporary measure.


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