The shift bus overturned in the forest near Zlatoust. Photo

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The shift bus turned over in the forest near Zlatoust when it tried to move down the hill. According to eyewitnesses, no one was injured in the accident.

“The watch is stuck. The driver tried to drive onto the road, but rolled over, ”the public emergency / accident Zlatoust reported on the VKontakte social network.

In the video of the incident, two male voice-overs discuss whether the shift will pass or not. As a result, the car drives down the hill, trying to get into the forest road, but falls on its side. The authors of the video are wondering who will be able to put the car back on wheels.

The traffic police in the Chelyabinsk region reported to URA.RU that this incident was not registered. Probably, the participants in the accident did not seek help and managed on their own. The State traffic inspectorate also suggested that the video was old.


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