The share of the euro in international settlements has significantly decreased

In August, the share of the US dollar in international settlements increased for the third month in a row, while the use of the euro fell to a minimum in more than two years. These are the data of the SWIFT settlement system.

The share of the single European currency fell to 34.5%, which is 1 percentage point lower than in July. Meanwhile, the dollar continued to hold a leading position for the fifteenth month with a figure of 42.6% against 41.2% in July.

According to the Finmarket news agency, in August 2021, the euro accounted for 36% of global settlements, and the US national currency for 39%.

The share of the Chinese yuan in international settlements last month reached a maximum since January – 2.3%. In July, it was 2.2%, and in August 2021 – 1.9%.

The pound sterling in the last month of the summer accounted for 6.5%, as in July. The share of the yen fell to 2.7% from 2.8%. In August last year, the figures were at the level of 6.7% for the British currency and 3.6% for the Japanese.

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