The share of flights bypassing Moscow for the first time reached 50%

At the end of 2022, the share of regular passenger flights between Russian regions without landing in Moscow for the first time reached 50%, said RBC with reference to the data of the State Corporation for Air Traffic Management, published in the Unified Interdepartmental Information and Statistical System (EMISS). The head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Alexander Neradko, cited the same figure on colleges departments, held on March 10.

According to the plan for 2022, the share of domestic flights bypassing Moscow was to be 46.5%, Mr. Neradko said in a speech at the board. The goal of 50% was to be achieved by 2024, according to the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin from May 2018.

According to experts interviewed by RBC, the share of flights bypassing Moscow has grown due to:

  • The closure of the southern airports, which accounted for a significant part of the domestic passenger traffic, after the start of the military operation in Ukraine. As a result, the number of flights to the North Caucasian Federal District has increased, including from regional centers, and not just from Moscow.
  • A ban on flights to European countries, which led to an increase in domestic tourism and air travel. Russian airlines began to develop domestic routes between Russian cities, losing flights to Europe.
  • Decrease in the volume of international traffic and the growth of state support for the industry, including subsidizing domestic air travel.

At the end of 2019, the share of flights bypassing Moscow was. In 2020, the indicator increased to 45.6%, in 2021 – to 46.3%.

Olesya Pavlenko


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