The scandalous singer Charlotte apologized to the Russian people in verse

SHAMAN.  Yekaterinburg, Russian flag, patriotism, holiday

Singer Eduard Charlotte read his own poem in the courtroom with an apology to the Russian people. The artist said that from now on he will defend Russia with his talent.

“Russia, I was rude to you right out of the gate. I apologize to the Russian people. I’m not afraid to say a loud word about your superiority,” said Edward Charlotte. The video was published by the Mash telegram channel.

It is noted that by doing so, Charlotte wanted to show that he would not run away from Russia, so he did not need to be taken into custody. The prosecution has a different opinion. Mash reports that if released, the singer is ready to perform for the military on the front line and help the Russian Armed Forces financially.

Earlier, Charlotte publicly burned the passport of a Russian citizen. The singer later stated that he did this because of bad influence. The head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, said that three criminal cases have been filed against the artist, and he faces a prison sentence.


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