The scandal in the Tyumen Duma elections threatens the career of a Ural politician

City officials.  Tyumen, Wollert Roman

The scandal with Tyumen City Duma candidate Rudik Manukyan jeopardized the career of his friend from the embassy of the Urals Federal District. We are talking about the department’s chief adviser on domestic policy, Roman Wollert. Insiders from the Ural political elite reported this to URA.RU.

“Wollert, ignoring the agreements concluded at the regional and federal levels, installed Manukyan (“New People”) in the single-mandate constituency 16 assigned to the LDPR, which led to a conflict. The situation was aggravated by the criminal background and the subsequent arrest of the candidate from Wollert. The adviser was supposed to be promoted to one of the deputy plenipotentiary representatives, but now there is no question of this,” the agency’s interlocutor shared.

The agency sent a request to the embassy of the Ural Federal District. A response is awaited.

Previously, Roman Vollert headed the government of the Leninsky district of Tyumen. The administration acted as the customer for many contracts received by Manukyan’s company “UralStroy”. As URA.RU previously reported, the nomination of a businessman from the New People party in the 16th district went against the agreements dictated by the Kremlin. At the moment, Rudik Manukyan is in a pre-trial detention center and is suspected of fraud on an especially large scale.


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