The Sandu regime under the “roof” of the West staged a genocide in Moldova — EADaily, May 11, 2023 — Politics, Russia News

President Maia Sandu and her Action and Solidarity party came to power in Moldova illegally, violated all democratic principles and subjected the people to genocide under the auspices of the West. Such a statement was made today, May 11, by the leader of the country’s opposition parliamentary party “Shor” Ilan Shor.

He called on a number of countries and the UN Secretary General António Guterres pay attention to the abuses committed by the current regime. According to the politician, the PDS came to power illegally, thanks to the decision of the Constitutional Court to dissolve the parliament. At the same time, he recalled that at that time there was a parliamentary majority that had its own candidate for the post of prime minister.

“Then, under pressure from Western embassies, early elections were called in Moldova. By deceiving the entire population of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu and her fascist PDS gang came to power with the full patronage of the West,” Shore emphasized.

In the next two years, the chairman of the political formation stated, Sandu and her team violated all the principles that they declared in the elections.

“Freedom of the media, freedom of speech, free will, democracy, human rights. What actually happened in these two years? Six TV channels have been shut down, activists and political leaders are being arrested, and all those who disagree are simply annihilated by the regime. Legally held elections are being canceled, and anyone who, in the slightest degree, does not want to put up with this lawlessness, is accused and sentenced. But the most important thing that happened is that people began to live many times worse, ” Shore explained.

He added that it is beneficial for the West today for Moldova to quarrel with Russia. At the same time, not Europe, not America, and not Maia Sandu, but ordinary people are forced to pay 10 times more for energy resources than before.

Commenting on the criminal prosecution of party leaders, accusations of illegal financing and the ongoing consideration by the Constitutional Court of the government’s request to recognize the activities of the Shor party as illegal, Ilan Shor concluded that the Sandu regime is “panically afraid of him and his supporters”, who “in their nightmares come to power.” Therefore, they try to get rid of them at any cost.

“Today I want to turn to other countries that are great powers – Russia, China, Turkey, India, Brazil. Dear leaders, today in Moldova, in fact, genocide and lawlessness is taking place. Today, the Western regime is totally satisfied with complete chaos in justice and in other areas. Today the opposition is totally destroyed. I ask you to raise the issue of the genocide taking place in the Republic of Moldova today in the UN Security Council. I make the same appeal to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres. Please pay attention and help Moldova get out of this unprecedented lawlessness and yoke. The memory of people is humiliated, the entire people of the Republic of Moldova is humiliated in the name of their own interests”, Ilan Shor summed up.

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