The Russians will be able to play Counter-Strike 2, but is it worth it. The specialist spoke about the new version of the old shooter

March 23, 2023, 15:00

Flashback director Koshkin: Valve released Counter-Strike 2 on a slightly patched engine

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Valve Corporation presented the game Counter-Strike 2 for testing. Gamers from Russia will be able to try out the legendary shooter, but there is not much new in it. Sergey Koshkin, director of the Flashback computer club, told 360 how to get around the restrictions and what the developers actually did.

Three ways besides VPN

The distribution of new items, according to him, will be handled by the Steam service. Gamers learned to bypass the limitations of this platform with the help of a VPN, but it did not introduce new ones.

“Steam does not work in Russia, but if you register in another country, you can download. Russians are not forbidden to play, only to buy,” said Sergey Koshkin.

Problems may arise at the moment of making a purchase, but, according to the specialist, an entire industry has been built on this, and it is not difficult to solve them. It is quite possible to issue a bank card of a foreign bank, for example, an Arab one, to purchase a gift certificate on an intermediary website or a ready-made account.

“Our regulators create much more obstacles than foreign ones. They block channels all the time, bend the filtering system like a “Chinese wall” and create as many restrictions, if not more, than foreigners,” he said.

The director of the club acknowledged that bypassing the bans carries risks. The carriage can turn into a pumpkin – at some point the player will be banned for misuse, and he will lose his progress. But there are plenty of options, he says.

New physics, old engine

However, the release of Counter-Strike 2, Sergei Koshkin warned, is not such a sensation as it might seem.

“They redrawn the engine. As a matter of fact, this is an old Counter-Strike not even on a new one, but on a slightly patched up engine, ”the specialist explained.

After Counter-Strike, fans played CS, then CS GO, which is still popular. Now Counter-Strike 2 has come out. Sergey Koshkin explained that for fans of old physics and maps, the developers redrawn the graphics, made the image more realistic and brought the game closer to CS GO. But the rest came out the same team shooter.

Full release

On its Twitter, Valve Corporation announced the start of closed beta testing and announced the official release of the game in the summer of 2023. The developers called the novelty the biggest technical leap in the history of the CS series, which provided the game with new features.

The cult shooter was released in 2000, then several games of the main series and spin-offs appeared. Over time, Counter-Strike has become one of the most popular esports games. The development of the new version took about two to three years.


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