The Russians were told how to retire early


    An employee of the pension fund holds a pension certificate in his hands - 1920, 01/15/2022

    MOSCOW, Jan 15 – There are a number of reasons for early retirement, she said. agency “Prime” Professor of the Department of Finance and Prices of the PRUE G.V. Plekhanova Yulia Finogenova.
    Citizens with long work experience have this right. It must be less than 42 years old for men and 37 years old for women. Payments are provided if the age of the man is 60 years. In the case of women – 55 years.
    In addition, early retirement can be received by persons of pre-retirement age who have lost their jobs for reasons beyond their control. For example, due to the liquidation of the organization, the termination of the activities of the individual entrepreneur, the reduction in staff. Unemployment pensions are available to them if a number of conditions are met, the expert said.
    For its registration, it is important that the proposal for early retirement of a citizen comes from an employee of the employment service, provided that it is impossible for the candidate to find a suitable job even after training in the direction of the employment service.
    An early pension for the unemployed is assigned on a non-declared basis, Finogenova stressed. When calculating it, the same algorithm is used as when calculating the old-age insurance pension.
    For those who worked in the Far North, the start of pension payments is set 5 years earlier than the official retirement age, the expert added.



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