The Russians were told how to prepare the car for spring

March 11, 2023, 08:52

Autoexpert Kadakov: after spring, it is worth washing the car body from salt and reagents

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The editor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel”, auto expert Maxim Kadakov told RThow to prepare your car for spring. According to him, when warm and dry weather sets in, it is worth washing the body well after salt and reagents on the roads, as well as cleaning the bottom so that there are no additional foci of corrosion. After washing, inspect the car for chips that need to be “healed”.

After washing the car, you need to move on to cleaning the interior: knock out and rinse the rugs, dry the floor covering to avoid excess odors and moisture accumulation. The next step is to replace the wiper blades. April-May is also a good time to change the oil. If you have not changed the brake fluid for a long time, it is worth doing this.

You can check the wheel alignment at a service station: in winter you have to drive over bumps and get into pits more often, the load on the suspension increases.

But with the replacement of tires, the auto expert advised not to rush: you need to do this, but it’s better to “move a little on winter ones” – the weather is changeable in spring.

Meticulous drivers flush the fuel tank in the spring or drain all the fuel. Kadakov explained that in winter and with fluctuations in air temperature, moisture condenses in the tank and often remains there. But you can just change the fuel filter.


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