The Russians were told how not to pick up the “bather’s itch”


    Rospotrebnadzor: swimming in a pond with stagnant water can lead to cercariasis

    Swimming in a pond with stagnant water can result in cercariasis. To avoid the “bather’s itch” you need to follow certain rules, warned Alexei Khudoborodov, an employee of Rospotrebnadzor.

    The Russians were told how not to pick up the

    According to the expert, for swimming, you should not choose reservoirs with stagnant water overgrown with mud. It is also worth avoiding places where ducks swim.

    “These waterfowl are often parasitized. They are not transmitted to humans, but they can give an allergic reaction in the form of a small itchy red rash on the skin. This disease is cercariasis, or “bather’s itch,” Khudoborodov explained. Sputnik radio.

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    He emphasized that it is impossible to enter the water if there are wounds and abrasions on the skin. Through these lesions, an infection can enter the body. You can’t swim when you’re sick. When in a pond, do not swallow water.

    “Bacteria and viruses can enter the body along with water. They most often get in exactly this way – through the mouth when swallowing water while bathing, ”a Rospotrebnadzor employee warned.

    After bathing, he advised rinsing with clean water or wiping the skin with antibacterial wet wipes. An antiseptic can serve as an alternative.

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