Therapist, gastroenterologist Aleksey Tsys, in an interview with Nevsky Novosti, spoke about the rules to follow in order to prepare the body for the fall.

“The consumption of vitamins decreases in cold weather since in the autumn-winter period we spend most of our time indoors,” the specialist shared the details. To avoid a lack of, for example, vitamin D, the expert-recommended taking a test for its level in the blood and showing it to the doctor. Based on the results of the tests, the doctor can prescribe vitamins in the required dosage, Tsys said.

To maintain immunity in the fall, the doctor advised to drink plenty of water, eat rationally and exercise.

The doctor emphasized that in the fall you need to coordinate your sleep due to the reduction in daylight hours: longer periods of darkness equals longer periods of sleep.

To control mental health, you can keep a diary – this will help a person analyze his health and improve it, summed up Tsys.


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