The Russians were listed the advantages of an unnamed bank card


The main advantages of an unnamed bank card are the speed of its issuance and minimalist design. This was stated by the director of the card business and loyalty department of the Moscow Credit Bank (MCB) Tatyana Kurzyakova. According to her, there is a trend in the market today when customers want to hide personal data that was traditionally applied to the front of the card.

“Therefore, some banks today issue cards with data on the back or offer to issue an unnamed card,” — Kurzyakova explained in conversation with Prime agency.

Such a product can be issued not only in a bank branch, but also with its partners. The name and surname of the owner will not be indicated on the card, but in all other respects it has the same functionality as the nominal one. An unnamed card can be added to a mobile application, replenish or withdraw money from it, receive cashback, the specialist added.

According to Kurzyakova, banks, as an alternative, offer existing customers the issuance of a digital card that is linked to an already opened account. Purchases are made using a smartphone. Also, most domestic banks have launched a free delivery service for all types of cards.


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