The Russians called the shortcomings that annoy them in employers |  Freepik Company S.L. | Freepik Company S.L.

The SuperJob portal conducted a survey among working Russians. Analysts have found out what features citizens do not like in leaders.

Hot temper was the most annoying characteristic for respondents, the publication reports.Newspaper.Ru“. According to the authors, this pisses off 7% of people. 4% of respondents are dissatisfied with incompetence. Procrastination, lying and lack of discipline scored 3% each in the survey. Every third person spoke about the absence of negative traits in his superiors.

Among the respondents, intolerance towards the negative traits of employers was more often expressed by women. Often they are annoyed by indiscipline. Men pay more attention to the abuse of power.

Earlier it became known that employers began to resort to the services of the self-employed more often. About 50% of the surveyed employers started working with such people a year ago.


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