The Russians called the most desirable exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar

A study by the online alternative lending service Moneyman provides the opinion of Russians about how they want to see the dollar against the ruble. It turns out how report Today, May 24, RIA Novosti, more than half of Russians want to see the US currency exchange rate no higher than 50 rubles.

“The majority of respondents (62.5%) believe that it is best if the value of the dollar does not exceed 50 rubles,” analysts inform.

The survey was carried out by Moneyman experts in May; 1,500 perfect Russians were included in it.

About the desired rate of 50-60 rubles per dollar was reported by 17.3% of the inhabitants of Russia, about 60-70 rubles – 10.2% of citizens, and only 4.3% agree on 70-80 rubles.

“And 2.8% considered the dollar exchange rate at a level of more than 80 rubles to be beneficial. The remaining 2.9% found it difficult to answer”, analysts added.

Interestingly, 72.2% of Russians confirmed that they are not indifferent to the exchange rate against the ruble. And the remaining 27.8% are not interested in this issue at all. 9.2% of Russians have savings in dollars, while the remaining 90.8% do not have them.

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