The Russian pilots who intercepted the U.S. drone shared the details of the operation

Global Look Press |  Andrea Ronchini /
Global Look Press | Andrea Ronchini /

Russian pilots who intercepted an American unmanned aerial vehicle in the sky over the Black Sea shared the details of the operation. The pilots of the Su-27 fighters were on duty that day.

Major Vasily Vavilov noted that the pilots received a command to go into the sky over the sea, follows from a published message in the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry. The pilots were given the task of intercepting the Reaper MQ-9 drone to prevent violations of the temporary flight rules introduced for the special operation.

“After the departure, we approached this aircraft, identified it and performed maneuvers to force it to abandon its mission,” Vavilov said.

At the same time, they added that at that moment no weapons were used to eliminate the UAV. The drone was intercepted on March 14. For the operation, the pilots were awarded the Order of Courage, reports RIAMO. A few days later, a new American drone appeared in the sky over the Black Sea. Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov advised the US to stop so as not to test Russia’s patience.


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