The Russian Ministry of Defense spoke about the panic of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Russian aviation

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) abandon their equipment and evacuate as soon as they hear the noise of Russian aircraft. The commander of an army aviation flight with the call sign “Leshy” spoke about this.

“As soon as [ВСУ] they hear the noise of aircraft, movement starts on the other side, they hide, even to the point of abandoning the equipment,” said “Leshy.” His message transmits The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in its telegram channel. The Russian military said that aviation operates around the clock. The Russian Armed Forces carry out strikes using guided and unguided missiles. With the help of missile strikes, soldiers successfully hit strongholds of Ukrainian fighters, destroy their armored vehicles and prevent redeployment.

Ukraine admits the fact of the loss of its soldiers from Russian missiles. A source close to the Russian army previously stated that Russian military personnel used S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine.


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