The Russian Ministry of Defense published a scheme for sending biomaterial from laboratories in Ukraine to other countries

Global look press/Markiian LyseikoGlobal look press/Markiian Lyseiko

The military-biological activity of the United States made it possible to take out at least 16,000 biological samples from the territory of Ukraine. Such data are reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which revealed the scheme of movement of this biomaterial around the world.

According to available information, blood samples were taken from 4,000 military personnel in Lvov, Kharkiv, Odessa and Kyiv for antibodies to hantaviruses, and 400 for the presence of antibodies to the Crimean-Congo fever virus.

“An analysis of the documentation shows that not only samples of tissues and human blood serum were exported abroad, but also dangerous pathogens, as well as their carriers. Thus, more than 10,000 samples were sent to the Lugar Center in Georgia. Among the recipients are also: reference laboratories in the UK, the Loeffler Institute in Germany, ”the Ministry of Defense said.

It is worth noting that drug testing on military personnel is prohibited in the United States. Therefore, the Pentagon conducts them abroad, in particular, in Ukraine.

Previously “Tsargrad” reported that the United States is beginning to understand the danger of the existence of American biological laboratories in other countries.

In Ukraine, the special operation of the Russian Federation continues. The key goal of the Russian military is the demilitarization of the Kiev regime. The Russian Defense Ministry presented documents confirming that Kyiv was preparing for a military action against the Donbass.

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