The Russian language for the inhabitants of Estonia has been and remains among the most popular

At the end of 2022, Estonian, Russian and Ukrainian remained the most widely spoken native languages ​​in Estonia, reports today, March 14, national television, citing the Department of Statistics.

Estonian was spoken as a native language by 67.2% of the population or 895,423 people. The second most common mother tongue is Russian, which is spoken by 379,210 inhabitants (28.4% of the population). Ukrainian is the native language for 12,431, Finnish for 4,276, English for 3,879, and Latvian for 2,510 residents of Estonia. The top ten most common native languages ​​also include German (for 1843 people), Belarusian (1650), French (1424) and Spanish (1378).

Statistics Estonia claims that 243 different mother tongues are spoken in Estonia.

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