The Russian Foreign Ministry ruled out the participation of four countries in the mediation on Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry ruled out the participation of four countries in the mediation on Ukraine

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The United States, Britain, France and Germany cannot claim to be neutral mediators in the Ukraine peace process because they are involved in the conflict against Russia. This was stated in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RIA Novosti reports.

Earlier, the former head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, proposed the creation of a contact group on Ukraine to “launch the peace process.” In his opinion, the group should, among other things, include Washington, London, Paris and Berlin.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that they learned about this proposal from the press, nothing is officially known about the initiative, but Ischinger’s idea raised questions from the department. “First of all, because all the four countries mentioned are themselves participants in the conflict with Russia, which continues on the territory of Ukraine,” the ministry said.

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These states supply weapons to Ukraine and send mercenaries there, supply Ukrainian military intelligence, train them, recalled the Russian Foreign Ministry. In addition, they introduced anti-Russian sanctions, blocked Russia’s foreign assets and put forward demands for the creation of a tribunal to punish the leadership of the Russian Federation.

As reported by “Parliamentskaya Gazeta”, Washington on the eve allocated a new package of military assistance to Kyiv, its volume will be $350 million. It, in particular, will include ammunition for HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, as well as artillery shells.


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