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The Russian Foreign Ministry considered it right that the United States renounced the practice of promoting democracy by force

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the US promise not to impose democracy by force as the right decision.

Earlier, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that Washington will no longer overthrow regimes and promote democracy through military operations, as it does not work. However, according to him, Washington “will do it differently” – by its own example and motivation for reform and democracy.

According to Zakharova, this is “a wonderful thesis.” At the same time, as the diplomat added, it is impossible to introduce anything not only by force, but also using some other resources without the will of sovereign states, their official consent, “without respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of these states.”

“You just need to re-read the Charter of the United Nations and be guided by it. In principle, the State Department will master a small brochure,” Zakharova said in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel.
As US President Joe Biden noted at the Munich Security Conference, the US is returning to the world arena with the new administration. According to the head of state, cooperation with Europe will become the cornerstone of his foreign policy. He noted that Washington and its partners must defend democracy and show that it is not a relic of history. The American president named Russia as one of the main threats to transatlantic unity.

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