The publication of the newspaper The that Russia allegedly secretly offered the Afghan militants a reward for the killing of military coalitions is a dump of American intelligence. This was stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry, responding to a request from TASS to comment on this article.

“They drew attention to the next newsfeed launched by the American intelligence community on the alleged involvement of Russian military intelligence in the contract killings of US troops in . This unpretentious throw clearly illustrates the low intellectual ability of propagandists from the American intelligence, who instead of inventing something more reliable have to come up with such However, what else can be expected from intelligence, which failed miserably with the 20-year war in , “the diplomatic service noted.

Smolenskaya Square also pointed to the involvement of US intelligence in drug trafficking in Afghanistan.

“If we talk about facts, and generally known facts, it has long been a secret in Afghanistan that the members of the American intelligence community are involved in drug trafficking, cash payments to militants for the passage of transport caravans, kickbacks from contracts for the implementation of various projects paid by American taxpayers. You can continue the list of their actions “, – noted in the ministry.

The Russian Foreign Ministry suggested that such actions may be related to the fact that the US intelligence services “do not like the fact that our and their diplomats jointly contribute to the launch of peace talks between Kabul and .” “Their feelings are understandable – I don’t want to lose the above-mentioned sources of” left “income,” the ministry emphasized.

Earlier, an American publication said on Friday that a unit of Russian military intelligence had encouraged Taliban militants (banned in the Russian Federation) to attack the international coalition military in Afghanistan.


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