The Russian Foreign Ministry announced its readiness to achieve the goals of the NMD not on the battlefield

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Russia is ready to achieve the goals of the special operation through political and diplomatic means. However, for this it is necessary to stop supplying Kyiv with weapons and mercenaries from the West, as well as the cessation of hostilities from the Ukrainian side. This was stated in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“As for the Ukrainian crisis, Russia is open to achieving the goals of the NWO through political and diplomatic means,” the message says. agency website. It is clarified that achieving the goals of the NMD by non-military means means stopping the supply of Western weapons and mercenaries to Ukraine, as well as a ceasefire by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Also, as conditions, the Russian Foreign Ministry outlined the return of the Ukrainian side to a neutral status outside the military blocs and the recognition of the territories liberated by Russia. “We are confident that progress along this path will lead to a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace,” the diplomatic department concluded.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that in order to hold peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow, it is necessary for the Ukrainian side to recognize referendums on the annexation of new regions to Russian territory. Also, The Hill wrote that the recognition by Kiev of part of the territories as Russian is probably the best outcome of the conflict.

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