The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the United States of stealing and smuggling oil and grain from Syria – Kommersant

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs drew attention to the humanitarian situation in Syria. Moscow accused Western donors of failing to fulfill their obligations, the US and the EU of “strangling” the country with sanctions, and Washington separately of stealing oil and grain.

The Russian Foreign Ministry published a comment for the media, noting that Syria has again extended permission to use two checkpoints on the border with Turkey to deliver aid to areas not controlled by Damascus. First of all, this is necessary for those in need and those affected by the earthquake in February.

However, according to Moscow, the Syrians “still do not receive the necessary assistance from the UN, which must be agreed upon with the country’s authorities and comply with the norms of international humanitarian law. Damascus does not have access to all parts of the republic across the contact lines due to opposition in Idlib from militants of the Hey’at Tahrir al-Sham group recognized as terrorist by the UN Security Council (banned in the Russian Federation) and other armed formations.

Through border crossings opened by the government, delivery is carried out “in a limited manner.” “Proper humanitarian assistance to Syria is not being provided not because of access problems… but because of a chronic lack of funding. The current UN humanitarian response plan, prepared before the February 6 earthquake, is less than 30% covered. Despite all the loud statements, Western donors do not fulfill their obligations even to allocate funds for emergency assistance, not to mention projects in the field of early recovery and facilitating the return of refugees,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary.

At the same time, as Moscow notes, Washington and Brussels “continue to ‘strangle’ the economy” of Syria with unilateral sanctions. It is prohibited to import “dual-use” goods into the country, which include building materials and generators, medicines and medical equipment, as well as baby formula and toothpaste, says the Russian Foreign Ministry. “At the same time, Washington and its allies, illegally occupying territories in the northeast and south of Syria, are involved in the theft and smuggling of oil and grain, depriving the Syrian population of bread and energy resources,” the Russian ministry said.

In addition, the Russian Foreign Ministry drew attention to the fact that a special report on the impact of sanctions on international humanitarian work in Syria has not yet been presented, although preparations for this began several years ago amid the coronavirus pandemic.

About the humanitarian situation in Syria – in the Kommersant article “Aid to Syria stuck between two resolutions.”

Leonid Uvarchev

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