The Russian Foreign Ministry accused Switzerland of violating the principles of neutrality

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused Switzerland of violating the principles of neutrality

Maria Zakharova.
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Switzerland provides material and ideological support to the Kyiv regime, which indicates a violation of the fundamental principles of the country’s neutrality. This opinion was expressed by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova.

According to the diplomat, Berne did not make statements that could talk about the revision of conceptual norms in favor of moving away from neutrality, while the state supported the “wild, hellish involvement in the conflict around Ukraine precisely as a party to this conflict,” which was demonstrated by the West.

“She (Switzerland) didn’t say that she had a special view based on facts. She did not state that there are priorities that require reconsideration of this position. No, she has completely solidified politically… And a number of steps towards the material and technical support of the Kyiv regime. And of course, we must not forget that this is also an ideological support for the Nazi essence of the Kyiv regime, ”Zakharova quotes Radio Sputnik.

Earlier, Vladimir Chizhov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, said in the press center of Parliamentary Newspaper that in order to peacefully resolve the situation in Ukraine, Europe could make an appeal to stop the supply of weapons to the country. Now there is no political pressure on their part that could call Kyiv to appropriate efforts.

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