The Russian Embassy criticized the US reaction to the transfer of nuclear weapons to Belarus

Russian Embassy in the USA: Russia and Belarus have the right to ensure their security

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Against the background of the hybrid war unleashed against them by the United States, Russia and Belarus have the right to ensure their security. This was stated at the Russian embassy in Washington. The text of the statement was published in Telegram channel diplomatic missions.

“We would like to emphasize that we are talking about the sovereign right of Russia and Belarus to ensure their security in the ways that we consider necessary in the context of a large-scale hybrid war unleashed by Washington against us,” the diplomats said.

The ongoing measures, as the diplomats stressed, fully comply with international legal obligations. The Russian diplomatic mission recommended that Washington engage in introspection, “before blaming others.”

“The United States has kept a formidable arsenal of its nuclear weapons in Europe for decades. Carry out “joint nuclear missions” with NATO allies. They are working out scenarios for the use of special ammunition against our country, ”the Russian embassy said.

Moscow and Minsk will continue to strengthen and develop relations between the countries. Cooperation is also needed in the military sphere, against the backdrop of growing hostility from other states, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He stressed that the Kremlin is aware of the aggressive statements against Belarus, including interference in the internal affairs of the republic.


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