The Russian delegation arrived in San Francisco to participate in the APEC summit – Kommersant

The official Russian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk arrived in San Francisco to participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit and leadership week. told at the Russian Embassy in the USA.

The diplomatic mission reported that Russia counts on the American presidency of APEC to ensure “a constructive and pragmatic dialogue within the framework of this economic forum.”

The embassy also said that the Russian delegation intends to use the forum platform to “create favorable conditions for the development of trade and investment ties in the Asia-Pacific region.”

On November 7, the US authorities sent an invitation to the summit to all APEC participants, including Russia. US State Department APEC spokesman Matt Murray said the event will be held “in accordance with the spirit and principles of APEC, and in accordance with US laws and regulations,” including sanctions restrictions. Ambassador at Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Marat Berdyev said in September that the United States decided not to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the summit in San Francisco. As a result, it was decided that the Russian delegation at the summit would be headed by Alexey Overchuk.

The main program of the APEC summit this year will be held on November 16–17.

Read more about the summit program in the Kommersant article “The USA and Russia did without Ukraine.”

Alexander Kislov

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