The Russian Defense Ministry filed eight lawsuits against the Research Institute of Precision Instruments


The Scientific Research Institute of Precision Instruments, which dates back to 1952, received a package of financial claims from the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Moscow Arbitration Court has not yet accepted the last application for production, and in most other cases, meetings have been scheduled for November 2022, reports IA REGNUM.

The last lawsuit entered the database of the court on August 11, 2022. The amount claimed for recovery is 15,483,094.67 rubles. Details have not yet been announced.

At the same time, on August 5 and August 10, the department filed seven claims against the same research institute for various amounts, including 13,027,775.85 rubles, 6.5 million rubles (to be considered on November 10, 2022). And also on November 2, the judge plans to consider the application “for the recovery of a penalty in the amount of 125,417,448 RUB. 34 kopecks“.

Reference: among other things, the research institute conducts tests of systems and complexes of automated …

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