The Russian Defense Ministry awarded servicemen repairing equipment in the NVO zone

The leadership of the Central Military District (CVO) presented state awards to military personnel, including those called up during partial mobilization, who repair and evacuate equipment from the battlefield in the Special Military Operation Zone (SVO). This was reported today, November 29, in the Russian Defense Ministry.

“The Zhukov and “For Courage” medals were awarded to specialists of the repair and evacuation unit of the Central Military District, who carried out the repair and adjustment of military equipment in the combat zone. Weapons that received more serious damage were taken out of the battlefield by a special tugboat to a safe area so that the enemy would not get it, and after restoration they were delivered to participate in hostilities, ” – the message says.

The military department clarified that both mobilized citizens and full-time specialists of the Russian Ministry of Defense received awards.

“Situations are different, it happens that we come and repair equipment under shelling, that is, we solve everything on the spot … It happened repeatedly that we eliminated [проблему] in place and calmly left the battlefield. It was not in vain that we risked our lives, did our work, our work is appreciated, “ – said a serviceman of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Khanoglan.

Specialists were also presented for departmental awards: medals “For Combat Distinction” and “For Military Valor” II degree

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