The Russian business of KFC is bought by entrepreneurs from Udmurtia

Yum! Brands (USA), which owns the brand of the KFC restaurant chain, has entered into a sale and purchase agreement for 70 of its own fast food restaurants with the Izhevsk franchisee, Smart Service LTD LLC, owned by entrepreneurs Andrey Oskolokov and Konstantin Kotov. The same businessmen are the owners of the Food Service Group of Companies, which operates 41 restaurants under a franchise. KFC in Udmurtia and neighboring regions.

The fact of the transaction was confirmed by the head of the CORE retail department. XP Marina Malakhatkowhich acted as a consultant on the part of the buyer, Kommersant reports.

According to the publication, the buyer is obliged to gradually rebrand all restaurants of the fast food chain – there are about 1,000 of them in total, including those that continue to operate under a franchise. They may go under the Rostic’s brand.

The estimated value of the asset is about 1.3 billion…

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