The Russian authorities are waiting for clarifications from the Ministry of Defense on health indicators for conscripts

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New changes in the process of medical examination of citizens will not be known until a new announcement from the Russian Ministry of Defense. Deputies of the State Duma, members of the Federation Council and the public council under the Ministry of Defense were unable to answer the question of what to expect in connection with the new requirements for the health of conscripts.

Previously, the Ministry of Defense proposed changing the organization of medical examinations of citizens with diseases that do not have a significant impact on the ability to perform military service duties. It is expected that the innovations will be applied during military registration, conscription, concluding contracts with the Ministry of Defense, as well as during mobilization and military training. The changes themselves are not specified. Public discussion of the project began on November 28 and will end on December 12.

“We don’t know yet, we’ll wait for specifics from the Ministry of Defense,” said the head of the defense committee Andrei Kartapolov. “I haven’t seen the documents yet, I can’t say anything specific,” said Dmitry Perminov, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, senator from the Omsk region, Hero of the Russian Federation. The public council emphasized that they were also waiting for specifics, which no one could provide them with. URA.RU sent a request to the Ministry of Defense. At the time of publication, no response had been received.

Some conscripts use the current list of diseases to “disqualify” from service, the Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Russian Organization “Officers of Russia”, Major General, Hero of the Russian Federation Sergei Lipovoy emphasized in a conversation with the agency. “The list of those diseases for which it is possible to serve without restrictions, on a limited basis, and for which citizens will not be called up for military service will be expanded, much less they will not be sent to perform combat missions. Now conscripts are pretending, many have begun to hide behind non-existent diseases. Therefore, the list, the list of diseases and diagnoses, will most likely be revised again,” the expert added.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu approved a list of diseases with which those with limited fitness for service cannot join the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces during the period of mobilization, martial law and wartime. It included people with HIV, hepatitis B and C, all forms of tuberculosis, type 1 diabetes, mental disorders, strokes, and heart disease. The number of diagnoses that make it impossible to serve in the army will be reduced, member of the State Duma Committee on Defense, Lieutenant General Viktor Sobolev told URA.RU.

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