The Russian ambassador spoke about the attempts of the West to force Brazil to join the sanctions


Western countries are trying to force Brazil to join the anti-Russian sanctions. About it told in an interview with Izvestia, Russian Ambassador to the Latin American country Alexei Labetsky.

He stressed that the collective West is trying to oppose Russian foreign policy and block the interests of the Russian Federation on all tracks. Latin America and Russia’s relations with Brazil are no exception.

“Brazil is motivated to join the sanctions regime, so that they constantly condemn our country. But such a policy does not bring results. Naturally, under the current conditions, the collective West, whether it be the United States or Europe, will try to use all the levers of influence on Brazil,” Labetsky said.

At the same time, the Russian ambassador recalled that Brazil is a large, very influential and independent country that has created its own identity. That is why talking to this state from a position of strength and dictate “is not the most rational kind of work,” he added.

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