The Russian Ambassador explained why he was summoned to the Canadian Foreign Ministry

Russian Ambassador to Ottawa Oleg Stepanov was summoned to the Canadian Foreign Ministry due to the adoption by the State Duma of a law banning LGBT propaganda, which was criticized by the Canadian side. The diplomat himself told journalists about this during a telephone conversation.

“I recalled that our country is the bearer and custodian of traditional values, that all four traditional religions are represented in our country. <...>, and they all look at the world through traditional optics. Therefore, Western governments, including the Government of Canada, must respect the views on life of the majority of the Russian population. Stepanov said.

According to the diplomat, the statement of the Equal Rights Coalition published on the website of the Canadian Foreign Ministry is “interference in Russia’s internal affairs” and an attempt to influence the legislative process within the country. Stepanov stressed that Moscow does not interfere in Canada’s internal affairs in any way and expects the same from the country’s authorities.


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