the ruble was able to rise slightly against the main currencies — EADaily, February 23, 2023 — Economy news, Russian News

According to official information on site The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR), today, February 23, the dollar against the ruble fell to 74.7087 rubles (-0.1509), the euro also fell in price – to 79.5716 rubles (-0.1872).

Chinese yuan also fell in price, but not by much – by 0.0164 rubles, to the final 10.8398 rubles.

Concerning precious metalsthe Central Bank of the Russian Federation on February 23 set the following prices for the main types:

· gold fell in price to 4,412.00 rubles per gram;

· silver also rose in price – up to 52.30 rubles per gram;

cost per gram platinum decreased to 2,243.41 rubles;

· palladium also rose in price – up to 3,662.96 rubles per gram.

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