The “roots” of bright hair: where does the desire to completely change your appearance come from

NEVA NEWS |  Zoya Chernichnaya
NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya

Correspondent FAN talked on a “bright” topic with a child and family psychologist Olga Latyntseva. The expert shared her opinion about the eye-catching appearance, and also told what is hidden behind such transformations in adolescents and young people.

The world has already got used to the fact that, from the point of view of psychology, an internal reason is hidden behind almost any external manifestation of a person. But there are also too obvious manifestations, such as piercings, tattoos and bright multi-colored hair. What could be behind this? Olga Latyntseva, an expert in the field of child psychology, answered these and other questions.

Why do kids and teens love experimenting with looks?

According to the expert, the desire for change and self-examination at 11-15 years old is absolutely normal.

“They all want to stand out, they want to be different from their parents. Parents, for the most part, walk in a very decent form, and it’s boring: the child understands that he does not want to live so boringly. Often they want to stand out, for example, with bright hair. This is such a way to separate from parents, to say: “I am already separate from you”, “I am not the same as you,” the psychologist emphasizes.

Global Look Press |  Andrey Arkusha/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Andrey Arkusha/Russian Look

By the way, it is the parents who often begin to “sound the alarm.” Olga Latyntseva is convinced that there is no reason for this.

“If a child is from 11 to 15 years old, then this is not a reason to worry at all, because he is experimenting. What’s there to worry about? It’s better than smoking cigarettes. You just need to have a conversation: it’s holidays now, please, and a dress code may be needed for school … But if the “child” is over 18 years old and the parents are worried, I have a question for the parents. This is very strange, ”said the psychologist.

“Screaming” appearance at 30: the norm or cause for concern?

If a person of a somewhat older age seeks to “stand out”, then there are two options for the development of events. According to the expert, such people can either belong to a cohort of creative or not fully matured.

“Either this is a creative person – an “artist”, and an inner creator has formed in him. Or the second option: the person did not grow up because he was forbidden something in childhood or was somehow injured – he did not go through separation from his parents and shows the whole world: “I am like that – I am different from you from everyone,” the specialist explains .

Global Look Press |  Gili Yaari/
Global Look Press | Gili Yaari/

“In general, this is normal for a person if it fits his plans for life. But, if this bothers him, and he has not grown up: he cannot make any adult decisions, then this is not too great, ”Latyntseva indicated.

Global Look Press |  Gili Yaari/
Global Look Press | Gili Yaari/

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