The role of the conservative idea in ensuring civil accord was discussed in Moscow

The Center for Social and Conservative Policy in the capital hosted an expert discussion on the topic “The role of the conservative idea in ensuring civil harmony.” The experts of the round table discussed the possibility of forming a “conservative consensus” in Russian realities and the ideas that could form it. They shared ideas on how to multiply modern Russian conservatism, sorted out what ideas are designed to preserve it in the current conditions and in the future. The CSKP sees the path along which our country is developing as based on the preservation of precisely its traditional, basic values. If you look at the root, then the values ​​of our multinational country originate from the religions of certain peoples. This was stated by a member of the Public Chamber of the Moscow Region Joseph Diskin:

“If we say that the religious values, norms and ideas of traditional Russian religions underlie the formed moral foundation of Russians, this only strengthens this very consensus. We appeal both to the authority of religions and to the authority of high classical Russian culture, which grew out of the same norms and ideas.”

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country practically ceased to produce any value. Their main ideas, as the foundation of direction for the state, were enshrined in the Constitution adopted in the 90s. Director of the Center for Euro-Asian Studies Andrey Rusakoveven then, the phrase “we don’t leave our own” became the credo for the formation of the main value of the Russian state, which gained a new breath in connection with the conflict in Ukraine.

“With the start of the Special Military Operation, the slogan “We do not abandon our own” has become a more or less understandable ideology, which we are currently trying to produce. How is this not a conservative slogan? Indeed, we do not abandon our own. I managed to go to Tajikistan, to Kyrgyzstan, already after the SVO began, and I can say that this became clear to those Russian citizens who live in these countries. Until the moment when the vague state ideology, due to the absence of a constitution, did not allow identifying the Russian Federation with respect to a certain ideology, even a conservative one. At the moment, the values ​​that are at the heart of the conservative approach are “we don’t leave our own”. And this is the most ideal slogan that reflects the current Russian conservative course,” Rusakov said.

Philosopher Boris Mezhuev expressed confidence that conservatism often leads to a split in society, since there are always two camps of conservatives: those who strive for imperialism and call for pressure on a conditional enemy, and those who take a more moderate position. Signs of the consequences of the active actions of the first of them are already clearly visible in the foreign policy of the countries of the West.

“As a result of our actions and actions against us, four heads of cabinets have already been replaced in Europe. It has changed in Estonia, in Bulgaria, in Great Britain and seems to be gathering in Italy, where there is a political crisis. It cannot be ruled out that as a result of the continuation of our actions here, there may be a change in the political elite in other countries, and even in the United States, especially in the United States, due to the extreme instability of the current leadership and the current administration and the extreme popularity of those trends that we are so or otherwise we can call conservative, Mezhuev said.

The expert allowed Russia’s right to further advance its policy of transforming the West, calling it promising, since it will eventually lead Europe to the “necessary” conservative state for us.

Summing up the results of the meeting, discussion moderator, coordinator of the project “Civil Exam” Sergei Volobuev very positively assessed the current state of affairs in Russia:

“You know, we are happy people. I will tell you as a modern Russian conservative. We are happy people. If the thinkers of the past were looking for the formula of a perfect state, as some kind of abstract utopia, then we live in this perfect state. In principle, we have already built it at the level of the regulatory system, and we have a very morally healthy society. This creates the basis for moving forward. That is, we do not need to build a perfect state, we have already built it. We just need to not lose it and save it.”


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