The “right hand” of the ex-head of Komi was convicted of embezzlement of almost 200 million sponsorship rubles

Mikhail Poryadin, the former head of the administration of the head of Komi, was sentenced to eight and a half years of real imprisonment for embezzlement of sponsorship money – almost 200 million rubles. Criminal case under Part 3 of Art. 33 and part 4 of Art. 159 (fraud committed by a group of persons by prior agreement using their official position), paragraph “b” part 4 of Art. 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (legalization of funds acquired by a person as a result of committing a crime on an especially large scale) was initiated based on materials from the Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Komi Republic.

The case file states that in 2019, the private company Mondi SLPK JSC (which owns the largest timber processing plant in the north-west in Syktyvkar and has long been one of the most active social partners in the region) allocated 200 million rubles. These funds were intended for the implementation of socially significant projects in Komi. The amount was transferred to the Patriot charity fund at the request of the “right hand” of the former governor Sergei Gaplikov, Mikhail Poryadin, to whom he entrusted the post of head of his administration.

“The funds allocated to the settlement account of the Patriot charity fund were to be invested in activities to educate youth, develop tourism and sports in Komi,” Kommersant was told in the Syktyvkar city court, where the criminal case was considered. “The investigation proved that about 1.3 million were spent by the fund for direct purposes. The rest of the amount was stolen, and fictitious reports were provided to the sponsor about supposedly held public events.

A source close to the investigation noted to Kommersant that the pseudo-document indicated, in particular, the improvement of the graves of front-line soldiers.

Later it turned out that the photographs and allegedly performed works do not belong to Komi, but were taken from the Internet from the burial places of participants in the Great Patriotic War in other regions of the Russian Federation.

The scheme implemented by Poryadin involved Nikolai Ignatiev, a public figure affiliated with him, who was appointed head of the Patriot Foundation, as well as political strategist Maxim Mineev, who oversaw election campaigns during the administration of the region by Sergei Gaplikov and helped Poryadin manage domestic politics.

“Poryadin was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison, Mineev to five years, and Ignatiev to five and a half years,” Kommersant was told in court.

In addition, the convicts will have to pay fines: Poryadin – 500 thousand rubles, Mineev – 300 thousand, Ignatiev – 350 thousand.

Kommersant’s prosecutor’s office clarified that the arrests made during the investigation on the property of the defendants were retained: Poryadin for 125 thousand rubles, as well as a Porsche car, a plot and a residential building in the Moscow region and a collection of branded watches; from Ignatiev for an SUV “UAZ”, plots in the Syktyvdinsky district of Komi and the Arkhangelsk region, from Mineev for money in the amount of 576 thousand rubles. and foreign currency in a bank account.

In addition, 192 million rubles are subject to confiscation from Poryadin as state revenue, which he, as recognized by the court, received by criminal means.

Mikhail Poryadin, ex-head of the administration of the head of Komi, Maxim Mineev, adviser to the former head of Komi, Sergey Gaplikov, and Nikolai Ignatiev, general director of the Patriot Foundation, stole 198 million rubles allocated by Mondi SLPK for charity.

The decision of the court has not yet entered into force. According to Kommersant, the defendants intend to appeal the verdict.

Daria Shuchalina, Syktyvkar


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