The representative of the helicopter pilot Ara Zobayan, who crashed five-time NBA champion , claims that the crash was caused by the passengers of the aircraft, reports TMZ.

Bryant died in a helicopter crash in California on January 26. Onboard were also his 13-year-old daughter and another 7 people. No one survived. In April, it became known that the families of four passengers of the crashed helicopter sued the helicopter companies lsland Express Helicopters and Island Express Holding.

The lawsuits alleged that both companies, one of which owned a helicopter and the other operated it, showed negligence.

The representative of the pilot, also killed in the crash, and the company lsland Express said that the fault in the crash rests with the passengers.

“Any injuries and damage were caused in whole or in part by the negligence or mistakes of the plaintiffs and victims, including taking into account that they knew and voluntarily took the associated risks. It was their negligence that turned out to be a significant factor that caused the alleged damage for which the defendant did not bears no responsibility, “the company representative said in a statement.

The statement did not specify what exactly the negligence of passengers was expressed in.