The recession of the US economy sent the “American dream” into the past

    Federal News Agency/PD
    Federal News Agency/PD

    The crisis in the American economy cannot be considered an ordinary recession. Experts believe that a new period is beginning in the United States, which is characterized by a decline in the living standards of millions of families in the country. The United States is waiting for the collapse of the “American dream”, reports REGNUM.

    Spiked columnist Batya Ungar-Sargon accused in the reduction of US GDP poor families in the country. Due to rising prices, they can no longer buy electronics, furniture, fill cars with gasoline. Many do not even have enough money for groceries.

    Reduced demand for goods forces companies to lower their prices. The decline is also observed in the real estate market.

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    “This is no longer a recession, but an attack on the middle class on all fronts. From driving a car to paying utility bills and being able to go to restaurants, the typical trappings of the middle class are becoming unaffordable for millions of Americans,” said Batya Ungar-Sargon.

    The expert recalled that most Americans want to have their own home, and housing in the country, due to the high cost, has ceased to be affordable for them.

    “The leftist elite has developed a clear antipathy towards the American Dream. For all their “sympathy” and “humanity”, the left is not eager to let worker neighbors into the middle class – those who deliver orders to them from Amazon, take them home with Uber or put food on the shelves at the local grocery, ”explained the expert.

    Anti-Russian sanctions and the strengthening of the ruble dealt a serious blow to the US economy. American companies that left the Russian market suffered huge losses and could not recover from the financial shock, as demand for their products fell due to the crisis in the United States.


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