The Qataris ridiculed the German team that flew out of the 2022 World Cup

Global Look Press |  Marcelo Machado De Melo
Global Look Press | Marcelo Machado De Melo

The Qataris trolled the German national football team, which failed to make it to the playoffs of the 2022 World Cup.

The Qataris, on the air of one of the local TV channels, parodied the players of the German national team, who could not reach the 1/8 of the World Cup. They repeated the gesture of the players in the team photo before the match with Japan, while waving their hands. The Qataris ridiculed the players who protested FIFA’s decision to ban the captains of several teams from wearing rainbow armbands with the words One Love.

Germany finished third in Group E at the 2022 World Cup. The German national team scored four points in three matches of the planetary championship. The same number of points was scored by the Spanish national team, which bypassed Germany in the standings thanks to the best goal difference.

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